Living with Disabilities

3 Amazing Inventions for People with Disabilities

Throughout the years, the world has been introduced to dozens of new inventions and tools to help people with disabilities. Help them how? Well, there are many ways to assist someone living with a disability. It also depends on a person’s disability or disabilities.

One great example is hearing aids. This device was invented in 1898. From then, millions of people suffering from hearing loss can better communicate with people despite their condition.

Stabilizing Spoon

This one is created to help people with Parkinson’s disease in one of the most common things all of us do every day, eat. People with this disability suffer from mild to severe tremors that make it hard for them to accomplish simple tasks such as putting food in their mouth with a spoon.

The stabilizing spoon is a device that detects hand tremor’s and then counteracts them. The spoon has technology able to determine particular levels of hand tremors. The spoon will then shake to counter an individual’s hand tremors.

This is a big leap for everyone suffering from the disease. Because they feel more enabled knowing that they can fully manage to do all sorts of things despite their condition.

The SMART Belt

The SMART Belt also known as Seizure Monitoring and Response Transducer is a tool to help people with epilepsy live a normal life. One of the hardest things to deal with is seizures as they can occur randomly and without warning. In many cases, people suffering from seizures fall and end up injuring themselves.

But that is not all when a seizure occurs and there is no one around to give you a hand, that may result in severe injuries and sometimes, even death. The SMART Belt efficiently monitors a person’s breathing patterns and skin conductance.

When the belt detects an upcoming seizure, it alerts people nearby or designated health workers of the emergency.

It also alerts the person wearing it so he or she can go to an open space or a platform to sit down. With this invention, people with epilepsy can walk freely without fear.

Firefly Upsee

The Firefly Upsee is for children living with cerebral palsy. The Firefly Upsee is a harness parents and guardians can use to strap in young ones. The Upsee then allows both parent and child to go through the motions of walking.

Little steps for these kids go a long way. Being able to walk is a major milestone for these young people.

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