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Disability Resource Center, founded on May 1, 2015, by Milford resident Alfie Haynes to provide much-needed communication and support services to people living with disabilities and our elderly.

Haynes founded the media company to spread awareness about the many disabilities thousands of people in New Zealand suffer from.

Inspiration behind DRC

Haynes’ mother was diagnosed with a mental illness she endured her entire life until she died on April 2, 2015. Haynes and his entire family struggled with providing his mother with the treatment and medication she needed due to financial issues and lack of resources in their area.

When his mother died at their home, Haynes promised that he would do everything he can to provide much-needed support and services to people with disabilities and the elderly.

The DRC is now one of the leading media companies focused on providing awareness about a long list of disabilities and related issues. Our online magazine is one of the most engaged with publications in New Zealand.

We feature several pieces of content regarding the many issues, developments, programs and innovations related to disabilities.

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