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Technology innovation has truly made major leaps in helping people with disabilities. Through innovation, people can introduce daily solutions for people living with disability through amazing features through devices.

Right now, people can download hundreds of disability-friendly applications. There is always an application no matter what disability we are talking about. Here are some of the best disability-friendly applications that can make life a lot easier and healthier for people dealing with disabilities either directly or indirectly.

Be My Eyes

This application is meant for blind or partially sighted individuals. This application operates with thousands of volunteers around the world lending their sight to people who need it. Here is how the app works; when a blind or low-vision individual is having trouble navigating his or her way, there would be a volunteer to serve as his or her eyes.

This is done through a live video call. A volunteer or representative will give that particular blind person a live video call and then help him or her find the way. That is not all of it. “Every day, sighted volunteers lend their eyes to solve tasks big and small to help blind and low-vision people lead more independent lives,” the company wrote.

Miracle Modus

This application helps mitigate and control sensory overload. It was developed for people with autism that mostly suffer from sensory overload. This occurs when one or more body senses experiences or struggles with over-stimulation.

Symptoms include stress, fear, anxiety, discomfort, inability to focus and more. With Miracle Modus, people can gain back control of their senses or at least minimise the effects of continuous stimulation.

The app does this with visual and audio materials like a hypnotic rainbow or calming bells. In a way, it helps you calm down. This application has proven to have helped thousands of people with autism, mostly children over the years.

The application continues to receive positive feedback from users. One Apple user wrote “I am autistic, and this reminds me of how I felt as a child sitting in my room by myself with the lights turned off, playing with my toys that glowed. It’s such a nice feeling. Thank you, thank you.”

Spread the Sign

This is an application not only for people with hearing disabilities but basically for everyone in the world. Spread the Sign is an application that teaches people to sign language. More than 300,000 signs are available in the app right now.

You can learn sign language in more than 25 languages. Learning this skill can do you and others so much good.

There are more disability-friendly applications out there for you to use to cope with a disability or give someone a hand.

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