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There are different kinds of disabilities and there are millions of people dealing with them daily. These people tend to feel alone, isolated and broken knowing what they have to live with disabilities.

But, one key to managing your life with a disability to be happier and healthier is knowing you are not alone in this battle. Millions of people struggle, but at the same time, millions of people can relate to those exact hardships in life.

Here are some inspiring books and resources about people with disabilities.

ADDitude Magazine

This magazine is focused on neurological disorder ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. The publication provides information on resources and services for people diagnosed with ADD and their loved ones.

The magazine has been recognised as a champion in advocating ADD as one of the primary disabilities affecting millions of people in the world. The magazine also tackles ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and dyslexia.

ADDitude provides resources and information on a global scale. The magazine will give you all the essential information regarding ADD or ADHD in terms of education, health services and awareness.

New Mobility

New Mobility informs everyone about the impacts of disabilities on someone’s life. They also advocate disability rights and awareness. New Mobility is also focused on innovation in adaptive technology that helps persons with disabilities or PWDs.

Especially disabilities and disorders that restrict someone’s entire body or body parts from functioning.

This publication has provided great information about New Zealand disability vehicles’ left foot accelerator cars and hand-control cars. If you want to learn about technological innovation that addresses different disorders and disabilities, this is the content collective you need to read.

New Mobility is based in the United States but is active in providing its services to dozens of other nations.

Know the Night by Maria Mutch

This book became a global representation for people living with multiple disabilities. The book is about raising a child diagnosed with multiple disabilities and the struggles that come with every day.

“Know the Night” is considered a meditative book that explores isolation and the “miraculous power of care and communication.” What sets this book apart from other titles with a similar focus is its exploration on night-walking, darkness, nature of the night and even jazz.

All of these factors in response to the struggles of living with multiple disabilities.

We highly suggest you give these reading materials ago. You are sure to gain newfound knowledge based on the experience and perspective of other people dealing with the same obstacles.