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Top Applications for Senior Citizens

There are thousands of applications at our fingertips today. They play specific roles and provide particular services to particular people. These days, we are seeing more and more applications being developed and launched to benefit senior citizens all over.

These applications can help old people with daily tasks or for better communication. It is within our mission to make life a lot easier not only for people with disabilities but for people of old age as well.

With that, here are the top applications you need to download right now or ask your grandparents to do so.


Life360 is a tracking application. But it is not for keeping tabs on your kids and making sure they don’t go to places they are not allowed to. Life360 is a GPS tracking application that notifies family members if grandpa or grandma made it home safe. It is an automatic tracker that as soon as they reach home, a notification goes out.

It is not just for old people but for everyone in the family.

Silver Surf

A common struggle for oldies when using smartphones or tablets is the tiny buttons. Some of them find it hard to navigate everything, especially those with poor eyesight. This application enlarges these buttons and text so that old people can easily locate and click on them.

It is a simple application, but it has already helped thousands of old people better use a smartphone and even be part of the online community. This application is free if you want to download it today.

Online Casino Applications

This next one is not one particular application but a bunch of them. Senior citizens love going to the casino to play slot machines, poker or whatever casino game they prefer. So, instead of going to the nearest casinos, why not play your favourite casino games right at home.

Check the best online casino nz for all locals. There are a bunch of games you can play. Also, upon searching for particular casino keywords, hundreds of games are to be generated and all you have to do is choose. Some applications allow them to play with real money or just for fun.

AARP Now App

This application is meant for all ages and it covers news, events and savings services and resources. But, one of the great features of this application is its senior-citizen focused news distribution.

AARP is not just about the news but lifestyle and culture. They also offer great discounts for members. The app was designed to enrich the lifestyle of all ages as well as keep them engaged with what is happening in the world.

AARP is one of the top applications in New Zealand and Australia. It continues to introduce new features and additional services to make lives a lot easier for all people, especially senior citizens.


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